Men's Programs

The Men's Ministry has a variety of programs aimed to build relationships among men of all ages.

  • Shoulder-to-shoulder

    Shoulder-to-shoulder serves GBC family members who are unable to take care of basic home and yard upkeep. We assist with small home repair and home maintenance projects. In addition to serving the GBC family, we also aim to build relationships among men of all ages as they labor shoulder-to-shoulder in the kingdom.

    Priority is given to:

    • Homebound
    • Widows
    • Single or functionally single mothers
    • Families in need
    • General projects at GBC

    Contact the Men's Ministry to volunteer to work on this team or to notify us of a need within the GBC family.

  1. Bring Back the Glory

    Bring Back the Glory is a new series that will challenge every believer to seek the manifest presence of God. We will study the life of David and his passionate…
  2. Foundations for Life

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  3. Prayer: Life's Essential Gift

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  4. The Forge - GBC Men's Retreat

    August 15-16, 2014 $100 -  Register Now There are few more satisfying masculine experiences than the feel of a nice, sharp blade slicing smoothly through…
  5. English as a Second Language (ESL)

    English Classes to Fit Your Schedule Wednesday Night Classes Every Wednesday, August - May 6:00-7:30 p.m. Room # W110 (Acts 1:8 Center) Germantown Baptist Church …
  6. Backpacks and Prayer

    One of the ways that GBC can help reach families is by providing school supplies to help children get a good start in school.  Brinkley Heights, Rossville Tutoring,…