1. Pastor's Gospel Sharing Visit Report
  2. GBC church plant funding guidelines
  3. 2013 Mobilizations Funding Application
  4. Missions and Mobilization Prayer Calender for September 2014
  5. Baptism Guide - Children
  6. GBC 2016 Mobilization Initiatives
  7. Baptism Guide - Adults
  8. Mobilization Event Application Form
  9. copy Sample Church Budget.pdf
  10. GBC tract

    GBC Gospel Tract

  11. Baptism Testimony Form
  12. Eight Week Evangelistic Self-Led Home Bible Study
  13. Eight week Evangelistic Self-Led Home Bible Study in Booklet Form
  14. Gospel Bracelet Tract
  15. Works Not Enough Tract
  16. Spanish tract, The Big Question (Le Gran Pregunta)
  17. Hispanic Tract
  18. For Sharing with Muslim Friends, The Wrong Path Gospel Tract
  19. Muslim Evangelism
  20. One Verse Evangelism
  21. Benevolent Fund Receipt Form
  22. Monthly Church Attendance, Salvations/Baptism, and Outreach Events Report
  23. New Ministry Template
  24. Church Planters Budget Made Easy
  25. Church Starts First Steps
  26. Federal Income Tax Compliance for Pastors and Ministers
  27. Sample Church Plant Constitution
  28. Sharing with Muslim Friends, Creation to Christ using the Quran
  29. A Funding System for Missions Funding Requests
  30. Building & Meeting Space information
  31. Church Plant Assessment Questions
  32. Growing a Church by Evangelism
  33. How To Pierce A Local Culture
  34. Sharing with Muslim Friends, The Quran's Right Path to God
  35. Thoughts on a Filter for Making Decisions
  36. Ministry Funding Evaluation Form
  37. Church Planters Manual
  38. Daily Bible Reading Booklet
  39. Deciding to Stay or Move On
  40. Sample Church Plant Covenant
  41. Spiritual Warfare in Church Planting & Evangelism
  42. Why Employment Background Checks are Essential
  43. wedding vow samples
  44. Sample of a Community Information Sheet for Door Hangers
  45. Sample of New Tribes Chronological Pictures
  46. Sexual Harassment Policy
  47. Baptist New Church Plant Administrative Needs
  48. Mission Trip Preparation Form
  49. Ordination Questionnaire
  50. Venues for Reaching Healthy Males