Ministries Programs All The First Tolupan Church

In March, Jason Fisher led a team for a third trip to take the Gospel to the Tolupan, an unreached people group in the remote mountain jungles of Honduras.  On this trip, Jose Trinidad, pastor of a large Baptist church in Honduras, joined them.  While in one of the villages, his heart broke to hear the village leaders share that they could not read God’s Word and that they desired to meet regularly to worship and study God’s Word.  Jose committed to find people in his church or through the seminary that would come to teach them to read and help start the church.  This was essentially the last dots to seeing a permanent church planted in the Tolupan community.  Since the trip, the pastor has returned and the ministry is continuing.  The believers are now meeting regularly and Jose’s congregation is constructing a building with the villagers to have a place of worship.  Praise the Lord for this church start!