Ministries Programs All Empowering Students for the Mission Field of School

With Labor Day behind us and school now in full swing, the Germantown Baptist Church Student Ministry is heading to the campuses of our middle and high school students. Drew Herndon, our new student pastor, is passionate about empowering students to see their campus as a mission field for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is his vision to have a GBC Student Ministry presence at all of our students’ campuses.

By delivering coffee and bagels to office staff and administration, the student ministry staff has already strengthened its relationships with personnel at three high school campuses (Germantown, Houston and Collierville). As the staff enjoyed the free breakfast, school administrators gave our student ministry team school tours and shared information about future opportunities to have a presence on their campuses.

Whether our ministry is present at a school lunch or after school activity, the goal is to make sure that school administrators know that we are here to support them as well as our students. While Houston High’s Band was finishing band camp this year Drew and Student Ministry Associate Melanie Denney coordinated with Booster Club President David Knox to deliver popsicles to the students. As the popsicles were enjoyed, our team was able to share our support for the students as well as invite them to come and join our students at GBC.  This was the first step of many to reach out and connect where our students are involved and to “Ice Pop” every activity in 2014.

Our students are encouraged to reach the unchurched students around them and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Throughout the year, we provide many purposeful opportunities for students to invite unchurched friends  to GBC; whether through our post game activities called ECHO (Sept. 6th & 20th), MOVE Wkd (Feb. 13-16, 2014) or our Scholarship Seminar that is offered in the fall and the spring.  These are just a few of the ways that our student ministry staff will be engaging the campus and home school networks in our community over the next year.

If you are a parent of a junior and senior, we invite you to attend the Scholarship  Seminar that will be held on October 26th. Designed for parents and students to attend together, this seminar is a great way to learn what scholarships are out there and how to apply for them. The cost is $15 per person and will include refreshments and finger foods. Register Now.