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  1. GBC 2016: A Disciple-Making Church

    On June the 5th, 2011 Germantown Baptist Church adopted a new vision for our local body to begin a strategic process of becoming a "disciple-making church". GBC 2016 is our …
  2. #GraceAppliedatGBC

    Germantown Baptist Church gathered Sunday night, January 29, 2012, for a worship service unlike any other.  #GraceAppliedatGBC was a service designed to apply grace to a …
  3. GBC News - A Call to Prayer

    Germantown Baptist Church is entering into a season of focused and intentional prayer and is urging the community to join in.  The church is making a prayer guide …
  4. Explore The CORE

    Dictionaries define the core, as “the central, innermost, most essential or foundational part of anything.”  The core is also “the center point where …
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