Ministries Programs Young Adult ENGAGE

Perhaps you have noticed the posters or seen the announcements for Engage. You may have even wondered…What is it? Who are we targeting? And why are we doing this? Glad you asked! Engage is a targeted worship service designed to reach and equip young singles in our community. Pastor Wes Franklin identified a growing trend among young singles in our area. Increasingly, this valuable group has become the missing ingredient in local church life. With the intention of bringing in the unchurched and bringing back the de-churched, Engage was birthed to provide spiritual nourishment for young singles. Engage services include rich worship music, corporate scripture reading, intercessory prayer and practical Bible teaching. The group recently concluded a sermon series on religious culture in the South, and they are looking forward to a new series focused on the nature and purpose of the local church.

Wes and his outstanding lay leadership team share the vision of promoting spiritual growth among the “twenty-somethings” in our area. They are committed to leading young singles to a place of spiritual health and meaningful service within the body of Christ. Engage meets in the CORE from 5:30–7:00 p.m. every other Saturday night.

Childcare is available from birth through fifth grade. For more information, contact Wes Franklin at 901.969.5803.